About Us:

International Foundation for Modern Education and Scientific Research (INFOMESR) is one of the Egyptian nonprofit organizations (private foundation), which was created specifically to work in the fields of education and scientific research. INFOMESR represents one of the early private sector contributions in the international modern education and scientific research fields in Egypt. INFOMESR is supported from 325 international university, college and institute representing 70 world wide countries. All these institutions are supporting INFOMESR by conference participation, journal publication and/or colleague attendance.


Our mission is to provide assistance and leadership in Egypt, and to the Arab World countries, Middle East, and the rest of the world; and ensure all students have equal access to a quality education, our mission is accomplished through cooperative efforts with students, teachers, researchers, schools, universities and institutes, families, and communities; through direct instructional programs and administrative services; and through coordination with other different agencies. INFOMESR is a dynamic global education and research foundation whose students, faculty, and graduates generate new understandings and innovation for vital and sustainable communities within a complex interdependent world.


INFOMESR will serve as the voice of education and scientific research in the community as well as worldwide countries, supporting the successful efforts of universities, institutes, schools … etc., by reminding of the importance of education and the need for their support in the development of our youth. We will reach out to the smaller districts to provide direct service and establish partnerships with the larger districts to provide quality teacher training and improve student learning. We will empower our students in education programs to become productive members of the community by providing quality learning opportunities in academic skills, independent life skills, positive self-concepts, and effective relationships with others.

Educational pre-university program is made up of a unique combination of experiences that stem from the vast learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, the rich culture and excitement, and numerous options for international experiences through the global program. Students will have countless ways to connect with other students in their schools and classrooms, in residence halls, student clubs, communities, and in the overall world. We will partner with districts and the community to provide high quality, comprehensive early care and education programs and scientific researches that is neighborhood based, culturally sensitive, and inclusive. We will provide our students and researchers with unique opportunities to explore science through outdoor education and multi-media facilities.