Volume (2), Number (1), January, 2011
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Download this file (01 - WCPEE09 - 025.pdf)01 - WCPEE09 - 025.pdfAmbient Energy Harvesting for the Development of Self Sustaining Power Sources: A Modern Method167 Kb
Download this file (02 - 019.pdf)02 - 019.pdfInfluence of Water Contents on the Electrical Behavior of Polymeric Insulators382 Kb
Download this file (03 - 022.pdf)03 - 022.pdfSensor-Less Maximum Power Extraction Algorithm for Small Wind Turbine Systems104 Kb
Download this file (04 - 030.pdf)04 - 030.pdfImpact of Power Factor Correction on the Electrical Distribution Network of Kuwait – A Case Study131 Kb
Download this file (05 - JO - 0002.pdf)05 - JO - 0002.pdfImproving Voltage Profile in the Egyptian National Power System (Enps) Using Simultaneously Three Specific Remedial Actions for Reactive Power Compensation (Part 1)1257 Kb