Volume (4), Number (3), July 2013
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Download this file (W13-P-0001.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.012Multi-Objective GA Based PID Controller for Load Frequency Control in Power Systems1232 Kb
Download this file (W13-P-0005.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.013Reduction of the Energy Peak Demand in Buildings by PCMs1118 Kb
Download this file (W13-P-0013.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.014Optimal Design of Resistive Superconducting Fault Current Limiter Applied to Electric Power Systems during and after Interruption of Fault Current1183 Kb
Download this file (W13-P-0017.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.015Analysis of Optimum Performance of Standalone Self-Excited Induction Generators used in Distributed Generation1279 Kb
Download this file (W13-P-0018.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.016Thermal Modelling and Analysis of Storage Systems2798 Kb