Volume (4), Number (1), January 2013
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Download this file (W13-P-0006.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.001Regenerative Braking: A Good Source of Green Energy160 Kb
Download this file (W13-P-0008.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.002Green Energy for Metropolitan Transport458 Kb
Download this file (W13-P-0029.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.003Capacity and Location Effects of Wind Turbine Energy Systems on Power Systems Stability134 Kb
Download this file (W13-P-0034.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.004Recognition of Power Quality Events Using Artificial Neural Networks196 Kb
Download this file (W13-P-0035.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.005Simulated Annealing Modeling and Analog MPPT Simulation for Standalone Photovoltaic Arrays2369 Kb
Download this file (JO-P-0025.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2013.006A Comparison between Conventional and Optimal Power System Stabilizers for a Single Machine to an Infinite Bus Power System56 Kb