Volume (8), Number (2), April 2017
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Download this file (W-2016-007.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2017.004Determination of Techniques of Impedance Electrochemical in Degradation Hygroscopic for Biodiesel and Blends253 Kb
Download this file (W-2016-016.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2017.005Dynamic Active Power Filtering for On-Grid PMSG Variable-Speed Wind Turbine via Three Phase Matrix Converter with Unbalanced Linear and Nonlinear Load1670 Kb
Download this file (JO-P-094.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2017.006Voltage Stability Improvement of New Toshka Network with High Penetration of Photovoltaic Generations300 Kb
Download this file (JO-P-095.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2017.007Short Circuit Current and Voltage Stability Analysis of a Realistic Generation System Using Fault Current Limiter and SVC205 Kb