Volume (7), Number (1), January 2016
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Download this file (JO-P-0063.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2016.001Localized Power Load Forecasting: A Case Study of “Ogbomoso” in Nigeria424 Kb
Download this file (JO-P-0068.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2016.002Theoretical Study of the Characteristics of the PN Silicon Junction under Thermal Influence89 Kb
Download this file (JO-P-0070.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2016.003Generator Side Converter for Five-phase PMSG based Wind Turbine Generators using Perturbation and Observation technique808 Kb
Download this file (JO-P-0071.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2016.004Electrical Power under Influence of the Solar Cell Thickness72 Kb
Download this file (W15-P-0057.pdf)DOI: 10.12986/IJPEE.2016.005Techno-Economical Feasibility Study of Waste-to-Energy Using Pyrolysis Technology for Jeddah Municipal Solid Waste624 Kb